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I had made a payment for renewal, not knowig they took an EFT withdraw for the renewal therefore having made two (doubble) payments for renewing my policy. So I tried to get one of the payments back ofcourse, well bcause of that they cancelled my insurance for cancellig a payment... Which they took a payment and i made a payment... So they where doubble payed. Well i find out the day of flooding rain that i have no insurance. Great. All because... Read more

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Have had Bristol West for years. Got hit by an uninsured driver with no insurance. Police determined the other driver was at fault. Bristol is siding with the other driver. Police can't understand why. We filled out an accident report. The other driver didn't. Add comment

If I had to rate them on a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 the best. Bristol West would have to come in at a -500. The agents are utter buffoons and liars. The customer service is rude and unprofessional. I think they have cancelation notices printer up in advance to send in when you have a claim. I was rear ended by a kid who was going in excess of 90 miles an hour at 4 in the morning. His insurance did not begin to cover the... Read more

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They say their policy language excludes the cost to extricate people using this? Can this be correct? The vehicle I hit was crushed to the point where the driver could not get out and the fire department used the jaws of life. The adjuster handling the claim said they would pay for the other vehicle but NOT for rescue or clean up. How can I be saddled with the bill for this? Is this not insurance 101? I am being billed by the county fire... Read more

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I had Bristol West for 4 years. I had no accidents and no tickets. My renewal was coming up and they are raising my rate by $10 per month. With no accidents and no tickets, your rate should go DOWN,not UP!! I switched to Farmer's Insurance. The agent with Farmer's is the same agent I had with Bristol West. When I switched they took the money out for my new policy for Farmer's and even though my agent switched several weeks before the renewal,... Read more

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We couldn't get the insurance company's adjuster after we we in an accident by someone else 'so negligence. The only thing they did was receive payments. They are awful. Add comment

This company is nothing but thieves! My policy was due for renewal and I discovered that they were attempting to charge me for vehicles I do not, nor have ever owned, and teens who don't even have a license or drive. Needless to say, I canceled the policy and signed up with another company, yet these bastards still debited my bank account without authorization for an exorbitant amount of money and are still showing the canceled policy as... Read more

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Bristol west is the absolute worst insurance company! I had been insured with these phonies for about five years.... I had never had a ticket or a accident or even claimed anything on my policy... I paid 187.70 for two vehicles and two drivers.... Two months later I had to pay $212.25... They gave me no reason for the increase... Two more months go by and another increase $291.94.... This is when I put my foot down.... I cancelled my policy at... Read more

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Every monthly price insurance did keep up then going up then going up and they did not care about people's discount by safe driver and no ticket and the price should be reduce price but they keep up more between from $597.00 to up to $617.76 then up to $631.57 for six months on my old vehicle year of 2002 in Fla. it is TOO HIGH PRICE. it is NOT CHEAPER PRICE OF INS. We have to change it because they look like RIP OFF. JUST BE CAREFUL TO LOOK AT... Read more

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A WARNING TO ALL PEOPLE LOOKING INTO BRISTOL FOR AUTO INSURANCE. I have been with Bristol for 5 years! I renewed my policy without realizing it. I never received a renewal packet in the mail only the monthly bill. I paid my bill, then realized a DAY later what I had done. I, then had an opportunity to have someone check my quote from AAA. I realized at that point, I would be paying HALF through AAA, than what I was paying with Bristol. I... Read more

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