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This is what you get when politicians get money shoved in their pockets by insurance company lobbyist- the laws favor these insurance companies and the consumer is vulnerable. What a joke auto insurance is. After being victimized by someone crashing into the rear of...
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I'm got hit by some *** *** with BW, my car was parked far away all by itself and two days old! This joke of an insurance company sends a *** to give an estimate that barely ...

Bristol West Insurance Auto Claim
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Bristol West Insurance Auto Claim Review

My name is Unice Horne i was in a car accident in Feb of this year with a person who has Bristol west insurance. It was their fault. Its almost febuary again and the are still beating around the bush on cutting the check so i can get my vehicle fixed. But their client is driving again. Is this the way to professionally handle business??? I want justice and i want it right now this is ***.